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2018 is going to be a great year for now arts. We are reviewing the timetable of events and about to publish some details of new ventures and timetables. In the meantime, the current timetable will be suspended.

Things that go bump….

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Halloween is upon us and here at Nau Arts we are considering those shadows we all have in our practices…managing tax returns, balancing work and family commitments, searching for inspiration for that next piece, learning new techniques….October’s artists’ discussion meeting will kick off with our normal critique Of the work the artists bring in. Then we’ll have a guided discussion on how to banish those shadows and develop our work. 

There are two sessions depending on your commitments….27 October at 7.30pm or 31 October at 10am….open to all associate and Studio artists. If you are thinking of signing up please email Sophie on nauartscheltenham@gmail.com to see whether there’s space for a taster session. 


Window on the world

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When is a window not a window? When its a frame of course!

Today saw nau studios getting an upgrade in the form on shiny new windows. The old frames were headed for the scrap so we swooped in and rescued them. And here are two being used already as impromptu but very effective frames for some work destined for the Gardens Gallery in November … more on this soon.

Studios at nau are available at the moment – there are two up for grabs. please email to arrange a visit!

Next up….

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we are very pleased to have the MA Photography Interim show from 21 September…here are the details…

artists’ programme 2017/18

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I am very  happy to say that the 2017/18 artists’ programme at nau arts has now been published. This programme is open to studio artists and associate artists as part of their membership. If you are interested in either option please have a look here and then contact Sophie on nauartscheltenham@gmail.com.

Most sessions will follow the same pattern beginning with a facilitated discussion on a particular subject and then moving on to a group crit of artists’ latest pieces. Attending artists will be able to choose what to bring in to discuss. It could be a work in progress and you are looking for advice and ideas to spark that last push or inspiration or it could be a finished item that you want thoughts on. We will be honest but supportive! The subjects for the next few months are:

  • Back to School – a new start for this group so this month we will spend time introducing ourselves and our practice
  • Things that go bump… – Halloween means that our meetings will focus on the thing that worries/scares you most as an artists and how to tackle it eg public speaking, filling in forms
  • Lets do the show right here – fresh from a show at the Gardens Gallery, Sophie will facilitate this discussion of useful tips and advice around showing work
  • IN 2018 I will…a discussion around how we want to develop our practice in th forthcoming year
  • Financial fun – almost the end of the tax year, discussion around financial requirements, responsibilities and problem areas
  • Backing a winner – Gold Cup makes us all look to the winner but how do you improve your chances when entering and arts competition – we discuss and share our experiences and advice

The programme runs concurrently alongside the gallery shows that we have scheduled. Again, please email Sophie for further information if you are thinking of hiring our space.

3 oct-17 10:00 Back to School – discussion & group crit – coffee
29-Sep-17 19:30 Back to School – discussion & group crit – evening
31-Oct-17 10:00 Things that go bump in the studio – discussion & group crit – coffee
27-Oct-17 19:30 Things that go bump in the studio – discussion & group crit – evening
27-Nov-17 19:30 Private party at The Gardens Gallery – Sophie’s birthday!
28-Nov-17 10:00 Let’s do the Show right here – discussion & crit – coffee
19-Dec-17 10:00 Studio artists’ Christmas meeting
26-Jan-18 19:30 In 2018 I will…. – discussion & group crit – evening
30-Jan-18 10:00 In 2018 I will…. – discussion & group crit – coffee
23-Feb-18 19:30 Financial fun – discussion & group crit – evening
27-Feb-18 10:00 Financial fun – discussion & group crit – coffee
23-Mar-18 19:30 Backing a winner…entering competitions – discussion & group crit – evening
27-Mar-18 10:00 Backing a winner…entering competitions – discussion & group crit – coffee





















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Hot hot hot

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Wow the sun is shining big time here in Cheltenham! And while we know it’s hot weather, we want to take the temperature of Cheltenham’s contemporary art scene. We are just starting out so what better way to work out what artists need than by getting to know you all?

I don’t know about you but I have a problem with competitions and open calls that expect you to pay up when you are only sending in entries. It’s fair enough to cover hanging and admin costs but to charge everyone seems unfair on artists. Nau arts is interested in helping the local arts community to grow, develop and work together. We are not out to make massive profit. We are volunteers.

So here’s the deal…

  • Submit a digital image of your artwork to nauartscheltenham@gmail.com by 17:00 on 23 June 2017 UPDATED TO 25 JUNE
  • Please include in the submission email the following details: your name: your contact email and telephone : dimensions and medium of the piece : price : title
  • The piece should be for sale and should have been completed in 2017
  • If you are successful then we will ask you to pay £15 hanging fee when we notify you
  •  if you sell your  piece at the exhibition then we will charge a 15% commission too

And that’s it. Simple and straightforward. We will publicize the exhibition and also arrange and host a private view on 6th July at the gallery to which all applicants will be invited.  Exhibitors can invite their own guests too. Finally, if you are successful we ask you help us invigilate the show…a,few hours each is all it takes. And we willl love you forever..

Have a go!