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Wow the sun is shining big time here in Cheltenham! And while we know it’s hot weather, we want to take the temperature of Cheltenham’s contemporary art scene. We are just starting out so what better way to work out what artists need than by getting to know you all?

I don’t know about you but I have a problem with competitions and open calls that expect you to pay up when you are only sending in entries. It’s fair enough to cover hanging and admin costs but to charge everyone seems unfair on artists. Nau arts is interested in helping the local arts community to grow, develop and work together. We are not out to make massive profit. We are volunteers.

So here’s the deal…

  • Submit a digital image of your artwork to by 17:00 on 23 June 2017 UPDATED TO 25 JUNE
  • Please include in the submission email the following details: your name: your contact email and telephone : dimensions and medium of the piece : price : title
  • The piece should be for sale and should have been completed in 2017
  • If you are successful then we will ask you to pay £15 hanging fee when we notify you
  •  if you sell your  piece at the exhibition then we will charge a 15% commission too

And that’s it. Simple and straightforward. We will publicize the exhibition and also arrange and host a private view on 6th July at the gallery to which all applicants will be invited.  Exhibitors can invite their own guests too. Finally, if you are successful we ask you help us invigilate the show…a,few hours each is all it takes. And we willl love you forever..

Have a go!

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